2006-10-25 22:25

OOPSLA 2006 Practitioner's Reports

The practitioner’s reports were very interresting this year.

First one out was an Israeli team describing how they annotated code with XML to be able to plan and track changes. It was OK but looked a bit cluttered.

The second report was about how moving a team from product based organization to Product Line organization saved them lots and lots of time, effort and money. It was very much like my own experiences, but they had used a standard tool for this, while I have always made a custom build system for this. I will try to get the name of the tool they used.

The third report was from Bekk in Norway, and explained how a team had added the finding, testing and implementation of security flaws early in their releases. The identified “Misuse Stories” at the same tim the User Stories were planned. They then used Selenium to reproduce the flaw before implementing a fix.

All in all a very good session.