2006-10-27 02:00

Sun SPOTs Demo Try 2

Sun SPOTs are devices designed by Sun to be a general purpose small field device for tracking, sensing, controlling and communicationg with the world.

Sun SPOTs run Java on the metal, a JME CDLC 1.1 comatible JVM. They get their code in a special bytecode format packed in Suites.

Sun SPOTs have built in ZigBee radio, and can be fitted with customized sensor boards and customized communication boards.

GPS: not yet, but done as an experiment. Works only outside, and consumes a lot of power.

The Sun SPOTs do proximity sensing.

Run on car battery or other external power source. Both USB and direct connection to the battery are possible.

SpotWorld, a NetBeans environment allows you to administer and directly deploy, debug and control actual devices or virtual devices.

It will take a while before the SunSPOTs are for sale. Check out Sun SPOT World for updates on this.